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MPG/MPEG iMovie Format Editing-Converting MPG to iMovie 11/09/08 supported AIC MOV on Mac

While, when we try importing MPG to iMovie, the MPG videos can’t be played an edited smoothly in the program. In this article, you will learn the best way to import and edit .MPG/MPEG files in iMovie 11/09/08 without rendering on Mac. Just follow it.

We usually saw iMovie users encounter importing issues when attempting to edit MPG or MPEG files with iMovie on Mac OS X (Yosemite & Mavericks included). Let's see some frequently asked questions on this:

Q1: I have a camera that exports video from my camera to mpeg 2 on the computer. Does iMovie 11/09/08 support MPEG 2? Does the quality look good?

Q2: I am trying to import MPEG-2 files into imovie. I have the raw files from a Sony Handycam HDR-SR5. These files were recorded as MPEG-2 files and copied from the camera hard drives (entire folders were copied containing the MPEG-2 files) to a local hard drive on my computer. iMovie does not recognize the files and will not import them.

Searched widely and I got some tech support …

[Great Help] Load and Import Panasonic GH3 AVCHD footage to FCP 7/X on Mac (Yosemite)

If you want to edit Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 1080/60p Videos on Mac with Final Cut Pro, you need 1080/60p compatible software - Brorsoft MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac to help you here.

The GH3 uses an organic EL displays both in its viewfinder and in the rear free-angle monitor. Its Full-HD video recording function, which is highly acclaimed in the GH2, has a variety of video recording options, from a 1080/60p (NTSC)/50p (PAL) recording capability to a high bit rate recording mode to meet wide-ranging needs. The video recording function of the LUMIX GH3 is packed with advanced technologies developed by Panasonic for its professional broadcasting equipment.

While, we often need to import and edit the recorded videos in FCP on Mac, but Panasonic GH3 recorded AVCHD files are 1080 60P videos, 1080 60P file is not supported by FCP on Mac, in order to import Panasonic Lumix GH31080 60P MTS/M2TS to FCP for editing, the first thing you need to do is to convert Panasonic 1080 60P AVCHD to FCP supp…

Canon HF G10/G20 to Avid - Import Canon Vixia HF G10/G20 AVCHD files to Edit in Avid Media Composer

Here find the best soltuion of editing Canon Vixia HF G10/G20 recorded 1080/60p AVCHD footage in Avid Media Composer without problems.

Canon has good reputation with its Vixia series camcorders, which meets people’s high demand on video quality. The G20 holds a CMOS PRO Image sensor and combines with a DIGIC DV III image processor to increase low-light performance (20 percent better compared to the HF G10). The hardware makes the G20 capable of face detection, Touch & Track, Cinema-Look filters and of course 1920x1080 recording. Many features could be repeated with Canon’s G10, one notable one is simultaneous record in MP4 and AVCHD. It can hit full HD resolution at 60p. However, some turns to be frustrated, the 1080/60p .mts videos are not standard AVCHD format and thus are not acceptable by editing software like Avid Media Composer.

The easy workaround to import and edit Canon Vixia HF G10/G20 videos in Avid Media Composer is to convert the AVCHD MTS files to DNxHD mov cocec, whi…

Converting MKV to Avid Format-MKV files to Edit in Avid Media Composer 5/5.5/6/6.5/7

Easy way to Import MKV to Avid Media Composer: Convert MKV to Avid more supported video format (DNxHD. mov) on Mac OS X (Yosemite 10.10) or Windows (Windows 10).

Whether you’re new to Avid’s popular non-linear editor (also known as “The Avid”) or are a seasoned digital video professional, you may meet some frustrating issues while adding MKV files into Avid Media Composer. If you are looking for an easy way to fix it, just to enjoy this free software tutorial.

After multiple testing, I’ve found the best and easiest way to import MKV files into Avid MC along with the help from Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac.

Overall, it’s the optimal MKV converter for you, which can help you decode the MKV files when converting into a different, and ideally more edit friendly format like DNxHD .mov for Media Composer. So you can edit MKV footage with Avid MC smoothly. Beside, this video convert program can also help to convert MKV to Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, FCE, etc. Plus, with th…

FCP X/7 iPhone Video Editing-Convert iPhone MP4/MOV videos in Final Cut Pro 7/X (Yosemite & Mavericks)

How to edit your iPhone MP4/MOV files with Final Cut Pro 7, FCP X on Mac Yosemite? Many people encountered the same or similar issue: it failed when we intended to import H.264 MP4, MOV videos in iPhone 6/iPhone 5/iPhone 4S or transfer them to FCP . With FCP supported video formats (Apple ProRes 422, ProRes 4444,etc.), it seems a bit difficult for us to import iPhone Videos to FCP X, FCP 7 on Yosemite, right?

Actually, this is due to that iPhone 1080p videos are very hard to deal with during video editing. ProRes, a lossy video compression format that developed by Apple Inc., is a appropriate format for smooth editing in Mac. Thus, when you get many iPhone videos and want to edit them with Final Cut Pro, iMovie, or Adobe Premiere, it's better to take advantage of the ProRes codec.

To achieve the goal, you can use Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac, the best video converter that can help you convert iPhone video to FCP preferred ProRes codec with high output video quality. Meanwhile…

How to convert and copy Blu-ray, DVD , ISO movies to Windows 10 Tablets

Do you want to know the easiest way to play Blu-ray on Windows 10 tablet? In this article, you will learn the easiest way to play Blu-ray (include 3D) and DVD on Windows 10 tablets - Surface Hub, this method also works for your Android tablets and Apple iPads.

How can I transfer Blu-ray disc movie to Windows 10 tablet – Surface Hub?
“I have just bought a Microsoft surface Hub tablet, I love this tablet because it is so convenient for me to use, I can use it to do word editing, send and receive mails, surface the web and play movies. But recently I encountered a problem, that I want to transfer Blu-ray disc movie to Windows 10 tablet – surface pro 3, I don’t know what’s the best way, because the surface Hub Windows tablet doesn’t have Blu-ray drive, and I don’t know what program can convert the Blu-ray movies, so I need your help, any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks!”

As we know purchased Blu-ray movies are commercial movies, they are copy protected, so we can’t copy movies from Blu-ra…

AVI Codec for Premeire-Open/edit AVI files in Premiere Pro CC/CS6/CS5/CS4

If you're troubled in importing AVI files into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS5, CS4 for further editing, follow the quick-start guide to learn how to make AVI editable in Premiere Pro CC/CS without quality loss.

Source From: How to open and edit AVI files in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5/CS6?

There’s a problem that has troubled me for days: I can open a downloaded .avi movie in the Adobe Premiere CS5 but I do not know how to choose the correct format to make it show smoothly and edit frame by frame… If I convert it to mpg, than what option should I chose?

I like do some editing with my source videos including MTS, MXF camera/camcorder recordings, or some other common files like AVI, MP4, etc and then upload to YouTube, Viemo to share. While, when I try importing AVI to Adobe Premiere Pro, the AVI videos can’t be played an edited smoothly in the program.

Searched widely and I got some tech support for loading AVI files into Adobe Premiere Pro correctly.

1. Select your imported AVI file from…

How to Convet GoRro Hero2/Hero3 footage for Editing in Windows Movie Maker

This tutorial will discuss: How to convert from GoRro Hero2/Hero3 HD videos to WMV, AVI for importing and editing your GoPro HD videos using Windows Movie Maker.

GoPro is the world's most versatile HD camera for sports. GoPro Surf Hero, Hero 960, HD Hero 2, HD Hero 3, etc are familiar to everyone whoever has passion for outdoor activities. The point here, you will find it a painful experience to import and edit GoPro HD MP4 movies with Window Movie Maker software. There're some frequently asked questions quoted as below.

Q1: unsupported file type
I'm trying to edit a video from my GoPro Hero camera on Windows Movie Maker and it won't work. Whenever I go to import my video to the program it says: "The file E:\017.MP4 is not a supported file type, and it cannot be imported into Windows Movie Maker." Is there anyway I can update it or change it so that it will support my video type?

Q2: lag, freeze and crash
What’s going on is that I bought a GoPro and I have nothi…