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Sony AVCHD Transfer for FCP-Can't ingest Sony AVCHD .MTS files in Final Cut Pro X/7/6

Read this article get the best way to convert Sony MTS to ProRes 422, so that you can import Sony .MTS files into Final Cut Pro 6/7 or FCP X for smooth editing work.
Sony Handycam camcorders like Sony HDR-CX360V, HDR-CX220, HDR-PJ230, HDR-PJ380, HDR-PJ650V, HDR-PJ790V, etc are high-end professional camcorders which can capture stunning-quality HD images; they can offer very high quality HD recording at MTS format. However, we can only found that these videos can’t be opened and edited in Final Cut Pro.

How to import Sony MTS to Mac Final Cut ??

Mac Final Cut is a professional video editing software, to use FCP, your Mac must install the latest version of Quick Time, some DV video Final Cut can be read directly. But if you can not directly into the file, here suggest to convert the file format to lossless HD ProRes format, so Final Cut read prores has no problem. However, MTS is a professional video format, thus , we need a professional tool to ensure the converted image quality to…

MP4 to ProRes for using in FCP - How to access and open MP4 in Final Cut Pro X/7/6

FCP only supports MP4 encoded with H.264. If the MP4 is encoded with other video codecs, Final Cut Pro X/7 will fail to import the MP4. The following article will provide an easy solution on how to successfully import all kinds of MP4 files to Final Cut Pro X or FCP 6/7 without rendering.
Q: "When I was editing MP4 material with Final Cut Pro x, the two track sound normal, also can see the video line, but can not see the video screen, why ?"

Best Answer:

"No matter which version your FCP is, it is best not to directly edit MP4 format video, because the encoding problem with MP4 files. Sometimes even we can recognize pictures, but also would appear the problems such as huaping or skipping. To solve this problem, firstly we need to transcode mp4 video into mov code which is selected 422hq. Some conversion software turn out may make larger file size, but can guarantee the quality of editing smooth and picture."

Here, in this article, i recommend you to use Brorsoft Video …