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How to Play MP4 files on Xbox One without any trouble

Summary: If you have collected lots of MP4 video files, you can transfer these MP4 to Xbox One for a greater visual experience. Some of MP4 files are not supported on Xbox One? Don’t worry. This article will give you the answer.

If you got the latest addition to the Xbox family- Xbox One and a pile of MP4 videos at hand, you may find a way to transfer these MP4 files to Xbox One for playback. The point here is, when users add and play MP4 on Xbox One, the result always let them down. Some MP4 files are not supported by Xbox One…

Searching the Internet, I got some clues. Why Xbox One won’t play MP4 videos well? That's because different MP4 files tends to have different video codecs and the codecs might not be compatible with the console. Well, how can you play those incompatible MP4 files on Xbox One then? Actually, it is not a hard job. To get MP4 files to Xbox One, what you need to do is to convert MP4 files to a more playable format for Xbox One. For this purpose, this article w…

Panasonic AJ-PX380 to Avid MC - AVC ULTRA MXF video clips to Avid Media Composer

Learn the way to import Panasonic AJ-PX380 AVC Intra MXF files to Avid Media Composer on Mac, you will get the best P2 MXF video converter, which can help you to transcode Panasonic AJ-PX380 P2 MXF files to DNxHD MOV (the most compatible video format for Avid).

The PX380 will fit into Panasonic’s AVC-ULTRA camcorder series of cameras that have built-in wireless/wired streaming capabilities, the AJ-PX270, AJ-PX800 and AJ-PX5000G, which share much of their basic design and functionality. These models are all AVC-ULTRA capable, with the same recording formats, codec and file structure.

After got the Panasonic AJ-PX380 camcorder, many users don’t know the way to import Panasonic AJ-PX380 to Avid Media Composer and edit natively, because MXF video format is a special video format, it is often adapted by advanced camcorders, such as Panasonic 4K camcorder, Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, Canon XF series camcorders, etc. this MXF video format is not well supported by editing programs, such as Avid…

Importing GoPro Hero3/Hero4 4K to Sony Movie Studio 13/12/11

Summary: Wanna import GoPro Hero3/Hero4 MP4 videos to Sony Movie Studio for further editing? This tutorial offers you a simple way to open and edit GoPro Hero3/Hero4 4K files in Sony Movie Studio.

GoPro Hero3/Hero4 can shoot up to 4K video with MP4 format. After recording, users may wanna import these 4K or 1080p videos into Sony Movie Studio for editing. While, it seems that Sony Movie Studio can not support GoPro Hero3/Hero4 MP4 files especially in 4K well. Here I will give you a quick fix to enable you to work 4K/1080P videos from GoPro Hero3/Hero4 in Sony Movie Studio without hassle.

“I have recently been trying to compile a few videos from GoPro Hero 4. But when I import the GoPro video to Sony Movie Studio, the program can’t support files. Any solution for me?”

Actually, to use MP4 footage from a GoPro camera in Sony Movie Studio(notorious among the editing community for stuttering due to its high compression), we had to use a program like Brorsoft Video Converter to transcode th…

Rip and convert Blu-ray to AVI /DivX in 1080p high quality

Summary: This article is to show you how to convert Blu-ray to 1080p DivX AVI files step-by-step, so that you can play your Blu-ray movies anywhere you like. Actually, it's easy to do that, just follow the instructions below.

You may try to transfer some Blu-ray movies to your tablet or phone for playback on the go. Whereas, the portable media devices doesn't support the DVD format even installed a third-party video player like DivX player. To watch Blu-ray movies easily, you’d better convert Blu-ray to DivX AVI or other common video formats. Here I’d like to share a full guide on how to convert Blu-ray to 1080p DivX AVI for easier playback. Just read on.

To finish the task, first you need to download Brorsoft Blu-ray Ripper. The program takes everything from the DVD and Blu-ray, including the chapters, extras, and subtitles. I’ve had success using the program to rip Blu-ray to DivX AVI, XviD AVI, MPEG-4, H.264 MP4, MKV, MOV and more file types. I’ve found the quality to be e…

XC-10 4K workflow with OS X-Import Canon XC10 4K/1080p MXF video to FCP, Premiere and Avid MC

If you get the importing error message while importing Canon XC10 4k files to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, Avid Media Composer, here the best MXF Converter will be the best solution for you.

The Canon XC10 is a compact, lightweight video and digital stills camera that brings professional 4K quality to aspiring filmmakers and enthusiasts. It can record UHDTV standard (3840 x 2160) 4K footage to an internal CFast 2.0™[i] card at up to 305Mbps - or Full HD (1920 x 1080) footage to an SD card at up to 50Mbps, with pro-standard 4:2:2 colour sampling for high resolution performance.

Professional videographers can easily integrate the XC10 into existing production kits and workflows, thanks to its portfolio of professional standard codecs and recording modes. Canon’s new XF-AVC H.264 codec supports recording in both 4K and Full HD quality, enabling easy integration into industry-standard Non-Linear Edit systems.


4K Recording MXF(4:2:2/8bit Intra Frame):3840×2160 29.97P/25P/23.98P


Convert and import Sony HDR-MV1 MP4 video to Sony Vegas

Summary: Have got a Sony HDR-MV1 and want to import/edit MP4 footages in Sony Vegas Pro without rendering; check out the guide to learn how to convert S Sony HDR-MV1 MP4 to Sony Vegas compatible MOV/MPEG-2 video format.

Sony HDR-MV1 is a great compact video camera. While, I've had huge problems with Sony HDR-MV1 and Sony Vegas. It shots MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 MP4 video. I used to edit by importing the MP4 footage into Sony Vegas Pro, but found trouble when it was really slow and didn't flow smoothly. Searching from Google and I got a recommended solution for using Sony HDR-MV1 videos in Sony Vegas Pro. Share it now.

The reason behind that you can’t edit HDR-MV1 MP4 files in Sony Vegas[/b] smoothly is due to the format and codec. The best method to solve those problems is to transcode Sony HDR-MV1 MP4 to Sony Vegas Pro most compatible format, for instance, the MOV, MPEG-2 with Brorsoft Video Converter.

It is a great MP4 converter to encode MP4 to MPEG-2 for editing in Sony Vegas Pro…