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Avidemux Alternatives for Mac and Windows Free Download

This article introduces the best Avidemux alternative, so that you can rip DVDs, Blu-rays and convert videos on Mac OS X(macOS Sierra and Windows10) easily for wide use.

Source From: Other Video Converter like Avidemux - Alternative to Avidemux

Avidemux is a free video converter that accepts the most common video formats and supports filtering and cutting videos into sections before converting.

The program might be a little hard for some people to use because it’s not just a straightforward video converter where you load the video and choose an output format. However, it does indeed function as a video file converter even though it includes other, advanced options too.

My Thoughts on Avidemux

Avidemux isn’t the easiest video converter program to use because it’s not just a video converter.

However, it does what it’s intended to do even if it may take a little playing around to become familiar with the way things are setup.

This program is a bit more advanced than similar ones, but it en…